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Company - the story of our bakery so far

Jaana Välikangas (my daughter-in-law) came to see me at the Kemijärvi Pesuryhmä Oy laundrette and suggested three times that we buy a bakery. And I told her, each time, sure, why not. I called the women at Kiuaspulla and heard that they really were selling their bakery. That is how I thought that yes, young people should have work locally so they do not have to move away to work. Kemijärven Leipomopalvelut Oy currently employs seven people, which is a relatively large number for the Kemijärvi area. We entered the bakery sector with good taste and attitude and we listen to our customers' feedback. Jaana's sister Kati is also coming to work at the bakery. At the same time, the sisters are starting their studies to become bakers and confectioners.


Growing business

Over the decades, the bakery's operations have expanded significantly. From its beginnings at the end of a detached house, the bakery has expanded to its own dedicated 250 m2 building, which has been expanded several times.

Change of ownership

In summer 2017, there was a business exchange, and Laila and Katariina Kiviniemi sold their business to the capable Tuula Lehtola and Jaana Välikangas. In this way, the future of the business and a skilled, capable continuation of the production of delicious baked goods was assured.

Only the best flavours

We guarantee freshness and we take care of our logistics in cooperation with the Kemijärvi Pesuyhtymä Oy laundry company. We offer our bakery services to private and business customers alike. We can tailor-make a package to suit your needs, consisting only of the best flavours. If you are interested in our products and want to know more about our operations, contact us. You can use the contact form here, email us or give us a call.

The bakery staff wish you delicious cooperation.

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